Delair UX11 is the first-ever drone in Europe to receive a C6 classification

Delair is the first drone in the world to receive the C6 classification for STS-02

With a C6 classification, the Delair UX11 will be able to perform BVLOS-flights by using EASA’s Standard Scenarios.

“Drones are much more frugal in terms of energy consumption and carbon emissions than traditional means such as helicopters. We are proud to provide our customers and their operators a reliable, rugged drone and, from now on, adapted to the latest European regulations.”

Bastien Mancini, CEO of Delair

Being the first company in the world to achieve airworthyness for BVLOS flights within civil airspace a decade ago with the DT18, Delair is once again proving their capabilities in manufacturing safe and reliable drones for BVLOS-operations. The UX11 is now Europes first drone to receive a C6 classification in regards to the new EASA regulations for STS operational compatibility.

Delair DT18 | Worlds first drone to receive airworthyness for BVLOS flights in civil airspace. Image: Delair

The Delair UX11 is designed to be a compact, light, and easy to use platform where the drone is small enough to fit in a backpack and is assembeled and ready for launch within five minutes according to Delair. With a weight of only 1,5kg the drone is to be hand launched; to get it back down it performs the patented BTOL (Bird Like Take-Off and Landing) with a 30° degree angle of attack.

The Delair UX11 is designed for mapping large areas with ease. Image: Delair

The Delair UX11 with a C6 classification. Image: Delair

Being able to retrofit the drone, customers who already own the UX11 will be able to upgrade their unit through Delair. By doing so, their drone will be adjusted to meet the requirements for the C6 classification. Giving existing customers the option to have their UX11 ready for use within EASA’s STS-02.

During 2023 we will most definitely see other manufacturers receive their C6 classifications as well. This is highly beneficial for all parties as it means proper testing and performance-monitoring has been done, before a pilot sends the drone in the air at the risk of the pedestrians below.

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