Established as part of Andøya Space back in the nineties, Tiepoint built upon a solid foundation and has played a significant role in pioneering the Norwegian drone industry. In 2022 Andøya Space established Tiepoint as a joint venture with Sundt Air Group. We therefore are part of a close network that in addition to drone services also encompasses manned aviation and space industry.


We have conducted advanced long range, long endurance missions with use of SATCOM, regularly since 2010. These and many of our other operations, take place in arctic areas, often characterised by rough weather conditions and geomagnetic disturbance. 

Tiepoint also has extensive experience supplying our Drone Support to first responders, large companies and governmental bodies including, but not limited to, training and courses, operational 24/7 support, documentation and control.


At Tiepoint we focus on delivering quality assured data on time

Today both governmental agencies and corporations often utilise a combination of data / information gathered from both satellites and insitu units, such as manned or unmanned aircrafts. We utilise inhouse developed AI augmented solutions in combination with edge computing, giving real-time vital information for decision making.