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Our team at Tiepoint deliver best-in-class services in Emergency Operations, Surveillance, Inspections, Mapping, Drone Support and AI / Data Analytics.

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Who are we?

Tiepoint is a new company, but with long experience and competence.

With a strong history and legacy, we are positioned to make a difference. Andøya Space is breaking out its unmanned department and is starting a new and exciting company coalition with Sundt Air. We are leading experts in the field with a background from both manned and unmanned operations.

Our team at Tiepoint provide your business with our services no matter the horizon. Our services includes Emergency Operations, Surveillance, Inspections, Mapping, Drone Support and AI / Data Analytics. 

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Andøya Space enables their customers to safely test, launch, fly, research and gain new knowledge and to create new technology that benefits our society.

They build and launch advanced sounding rockets, and we operate two launch sites in the Arctic. We provide drone services to professionals. We perform full-scale tests of defence technologies. We host advanced, ground-based scientific instrumentation. We educate and inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. We are building Norway’s new spaceport for small satellites.

Together with Andøya, TiePoint will be in front on technology, development and knowledge.


Sundt Air have over 20 years of experience in business aviation and they take care of all your private jet needs. Design and supply special mission systems; Flight Inspection, Airborne Surveillance and Remote Sensing.

Their Special Missions department provides flight inspection services as well as coastal surveillance. They can help with everything from single installations and up to building fully specced special mission aircrafts for any needs.

Together with Sundt Air, TiePoint gains great experience and knowledge within the manned aviation field. Filling a need that has been overlooked by many.


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Are you an engineer, emergency response officer, building inspector or photographer? Do you have an expertise and find the new droneregulations, procedures and development overwhelming?

Through our Drone Support we will decipher this minefield and get you into the air legally

  • We provide you with the knowledge and safety you need, so that you can focus on your job and the flying itself. 
  • We develop procedures and the necessary documentation relative to your demands.
  • We offer education and training
  • We deliver support and safety management systems.
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