Training, documentation & EASA approvals

Tiepoint is built on a legacy with many records. As former Andøya Space Unmanned, we have ensured EASA approval for drone flights with speed up to mach 0.9, flight tests approval of the world’s largest civilian produced drone Singular Aircraft (4 tons in take-off weight, 14m  in wingspan), and operated BRLOS (Beyond Radio Line of Sight) trough satcom since 2010. All this knowledge and expertise is now available for your product or operations. 

At our one stop shop for drone operations, we can support the whole process from idea to flight permit and flight operation. Compared to doing this by yourself, we are certain that our product is both cost- and time saving! 

For drone producers and distributors

We provide EASA design verification or NATO Stanag 4703 certification, restricted type certificate, or type certificate depending on your preference. This certification will ensure easy and safe implementation for operation, both for your civilian and military clients. Through our expertise as a competent third party, and in cooperation with our approved design organisation, Aviation Engineering – we can advise and provide the preferred certification of your drones. In addition we can arrange pre-described SORA and ConOps for all scenarios, ensuring an easy access to flight permit with your drones. This should expand your operational possibilities as you will have access through our expertise for all necessary documentation for flight approval in populated environments, BVLOS, and in all kinds of airspace (certification restrictions depending on the maturity of your drone). We can offer a fast track for those that are in the need of getting their flight approval quickly, making your operations airborne in one to two months time. 

For drone operators

We can provide you with the expertise and know how to ensure you the preferred operational approval, from basic STS to EASA LUC approval. Our Drone Support program ensures that you have everything in order, from documentation, training, procedures, technical management, e-based logging, safety management and compliance monitoring. Should you have the need of management for hire, we can arrange this as well,with personnel qualified for different nominated persons roles. 


Our web based training is a cost efficient training form of high quality, ensuring the necessary basic knowledge as laid in EASA regulations. We provide tailored web based or class room training for more complex operations. We offer tailored practical flight training at your preferred location, saving time and money on your side. We also offer recurrency training, ensuring the ever continued improving of competence among your pilots, a highly valued product in the quickly shifting regulations of unmanned operations. 

Safety Management

We offer a fully equipped safety management system, ensuring the continuous monitoring and ever improving safety of your unmanned operations. Our Safety Management System will be incorporated in your own operations, and supported by our knowledgeable team, ensuring continuing safety performance through safety information, safety monitoring through statistics, management of change process, foundation for recurrency training, and much more. 

Compliance monitoring

We offer compliance monitoring as an external provider, where our experts perform an GAP analysis of your operations compared to EASA regulations (both those that are implemented and those that are to come – so that you are prepared for the future), and your own enforced procedures. The compliance monitoring is offered as ad-hoc or on a regular basis, based on your own preferences, and is an valuable asset ensuring that you are prepared for CAA audits, and the continuation of your flight approval. 

Pilot portal and NOTAM information

Our pilot portal incorporates the communication of the necessary NOTAMS of your operations. Most Unmanned operations are conducted at low altitudes, we therefore wash away all unnecessary NOTAM information, and in an e-based map display the NOTAM that are in interest of your operations. Here you also find all necessary links and how2 material for your operations, such as how to put in missions close to airports, where to find contact information, how to apply for missions in environmental areas, and much more. Our chatbot will answer the most basic questions for your mission, and you have access to a hotline to one of our trained expertise which can help you in questions you are struggling with, from how to update your drone, to how to apply for missions in restricted airspace. 

Flight operations support

Tiepoint offers dispatching of your missions, ensuring that all missions are conducted in the scope of your approval, and that the pilots have all necessary information needed. After flight a compliance check, based on AI, will ensure the necessary operational control that’s mandatory by EASA regulations.  

Management for Hire

Tiepoint can provide experienced and qualified personnel for short-term or long-term engagements to serve as nominated persons for various roles within your drone operations. This cost-effective solution can help you streamline operations, ensure compliance with regulations, and maintain a high level of safety. Our nominated persons possess extensive expertise in drone operations and are well-versed in the intricacies of EASA regulations. They can provide you with valuable guidance and support throughout the entire lifecycle of your drone operations, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance and compliance. Whether you require assistance with obtaining flight approvals, managing pilot training and recurrency, or implementing safety management systems, our nominated persons are equipped to handle a wide range of tasks.

Data processing

We can offer a value for money solution for those that would like data stored and processed. From 2D and 3D maps, RGB, Thermal, Multispectral. Our solution is on demand, so that you can choose which maps you would like created, and which options you would like to have on processing. In addition we can offer tailored AI solutions, should you have the need for example track changes, count objects, etc. 


You are the expert

- let us support you and free you up to do what you do best

Are you an engineer, emergency response officer, building inspector or photographer? Do you have an expertise and find the new droneregulations, procedures and development overwhelming?

Through our Drone Support we will decipher this minefield and get you into the air legally

  • We provide you with the knowledge and safety you need, so that you can focus on your job and the flying itself. 
  • We develop procedures and the necessary documentation relative to your demands.
  • We offer education and training
  • We deliver support and safety management systems.
Drone Support

Safety and knowledge to you!