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In today’s complex and interconnected world, there is a growing need for swift and efficient emergency response systems. At Tiepoint, we pride ourselves on being a leading service provider of drone technology, working closely with public safety agencies across the country to seamlessly integrate drones into their operations. Our tools have revolutionized the way search and rescue missions are approached, significantly improving safety, effectiveness, and efficiency for emergency services.

Here at Tiepoint we are transforming the landscape of emergency response, particularly in search and rescue operations. By leveraging the unique capabilities of drones, we are able to assist emergency service providers in several key areas:

  • Rapid response times: Drones are much faster to deploy than traditional search and rescue methods, such as helicopters or ground teams. This ensures that crucial first response assistance reaches the scene as quickly as possible, potentially saving lives in the process.

  • Enhanced situational awareness: Drones provide high-quality aerial footage, which allows emergency responders to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the situation. This real-time information enables responders to make informed decisions and prioritize resources effectively.
  • Access to remote and dangerous areas: Drones can easily navigate challenging terrain, such as dense forests, mountains, or bodies of water, where traditional search and rescue teams might struggle to access. This capability allows emergency services to reach victims in previously unreachable locations.

  • Improved safety for emergency responders: By using drones to assess hazardous situations, emergency responders can minimize their exposure to potential risks, such as structural instability, hazardous materials, or extreme weather conditions.

At Tiepoint, our expertise extends beyond merely providing the drone technology. We also offer support services that ensure the right drone is deployed relative to the mission, technical assistance and monitoring of your companys operational procedures. This tailored approach guarantees that emergency service providers have access to the most suitable technology, maximizing the potential for a successful operation.

Additionally, we provide a powerful platform for managing drone fleets both on and off the ground. This comprehensive solution allows public safety agencies to effectively monitor and control their drone operations, ensuring optimal efficiency and coordination.


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Are you an engineer, emergency response officer, building inspector or photographer? Do you have an expertise and find the new droneregulations, procedures and development overwhelming?

Through our Drone Support we will decipher this minefield and get you into the air legally

  • We provide you with the knowledge and safety you need, so that you can focus on your job and the flying itself. 
  • We develop procedures and the necessary documentation relative to your demands.
  • We offer education and training
  • We deliver support and safety management systems.
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