Addressing the Challenges of Drone Operations in Icing Conditions in the Arctic Sea

Oil spill protection vessels during a drill

Abstract Tiepoint, a leading company specializing in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has extensive experience operating drones in the challenging Arctic region. With a focus on electric UAVs used by NOFO (The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies), this article explores the unique challenges posed by icing conditions, polar lows, and sea spray ice in…

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Which Drone Should I Choose?


In the technological age we live in, drones have become an incredibly popular tool for both recreational activities and professional use. From film and TV production to mapping and inspection of infrastructure, drones have changed the way we operate in many areas. But with an ever-growing market of drones to choose from, it can be…

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IKEA Soars to New Heights with Drones for Inventory Management

IKEA Expands Use of Drones for Inventory Management “Being at the forefront when it comes to innovative and value adding solutions is part of the IKEA heritage. We are always curious of learning from others and this project is a great example of how we have collaborated across IKEA and together with an external partner come up with a…

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Delair UX11 is the first-ever drone in Europe to receive a C6 classification

With a C6 classification, the Delair UX11 will be able to perform BVLOS-flights by using EASA’s Standard Scenarios. “Drones are much more frugal in terms of energy consumption and carbon emissions than traditional means such as helicopters. We are proud to provide our customers and their operators a reliable, rugged drone and, from now on,…

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Researches at MIT found that toroidal propellers reduces sound levels from drones significantly

Could toroidal propellers make it easier to adopt drones for public services? “Reduced sound levels allowed toroidal-propeller-equipped drones to operate without taxing human hearing at a distance half that of typical operation.” – MIT Lincoln Laboratory | Innovation Highlight Ever since drones hit the commercial market, their adoptation to perform large-scale operations pushes their technological…

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