Making 3D objects

Visualize anything a 3D space

Provided with your specifications we can create 3D-models of buildings, bridges, towers and other structures with centimetre resolution. We have an automated solution for creating 3D-models where we can deploy AI-driven technology to further enhance the reconstruction. And if there is special needs we can manually do the reconstruction to further improve the finished 3D-model.


You are the expert

- let us support you and free you up to do what you do best

Are you an engineer, emergency response officer, building inspector or photographer? Do you have an expertise and find the new droneregulations, procedures and development overwhelming?

Through our Drone Support we will decipher this minefield and get you into the air legally

  • We provide you with the knowledge and safety you need, so that you can focus on your job and the flying itself. 
  • We develop procedures and the necessary documentation relative to your demands.
  • We offer education and training
  • We deliver support and safety management systems.
Drone Support

Safety and knowledge to you!